READ THIS before you watch “To The Bone”

There’s quite a controversy surrounding the new Netflix orginal movie “To the Bone,” which comes out this Friday.  People seem to be for it or against it.

FOR:  The pros are that the movie raises awareness about eating disorders, a disease that gets little funding for research and little support from insurance companies (…IMHO as a dietitian).  Another possible pro is that the main character of “Ellen” (Lily Collins) goes to treatment, which I hope will encourage others to do the same.  It may also depict some authentic symptoms of the disease that are NOT glamous as most believe.  Let’s hope, I have not seen the movie yet.

AGAINST:  Cons are that the movie could be triggering and glamorizing, as well as increase the myth that only skinny white girls have eating disorders.  It’s a potential barrier for treatment for those who have eating disorders, but think they aren’t “sick enough” or don’t “look the part” like main character represented by Lily Collins.  It’s also very risky (…IMHO outrageous) that this actress lost weight for the part since she has a history of an eating disorder.  When people who are prone to eating disorders lose weight below a certain point, even if it’s unintentional, their rates for relapse increase dramatically.




So before you decide to watch “To The Bone,” meditate on the following questions: 

If you happened to watch the trailer, what emotions did you feel?  Were you proud of the way you handled those emotions?

Is there a part of you that wants to watch it, as well as a part that doesn’t want to watch it?  What are your personal reasons for both?

Do you have the skills and support to ignore comparisons or urges that the film may invoke?

Is it wise to watch this movie considering where you are at in your life right now? What does your gut say?

What does God say about it?  Take some time to ask and wait on him.

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If you ARE planning on watching “To The Bone”:

The protagonists in movies are typically very likable and oftentimes we want to be like them.  Remember these are fictional characters.  Remember that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, you have value as you are, and you were created to be you, and only you.

Choose the time, place, and people to watch the movie with that will be most healthful for you.

You have the freedom to decide what and how much media to consume.  If you’re not feeling it, stop the movie and move on to something else.

Pray before, during and/or after the movie…to watch it with eyes of wisdom, with a heart that’s protected from lies, and with a soul that is connected to God.


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