Worship during Negative Emotions

Well, leave it up to the Mike O’Brien to inspire me to get back to blogging after a long hiatus!  A long while back, I blogged about using yoga as a way to worship God, similar to how we can worship via singing.  Knowing how eating disorders can consume minds, make it difficult to focus, and stir up negative emotions, I wondered how worship is possible in these difficult seasons.  The topic of worship seemed like a good one to explore further, so I reached out to my friend, Mike, who is the expert!
 Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 2.26.12 PM.png

Interview with Mike O’Brien

Points to Ponder

What created things do you worship?  Next time you find yourself giving adoration to something created, consider turning to the Creator.  What is the result of worhiping Him instead?

Singing joyful worship music when you’re feeling sad or mad may seem unfeasable.  What’s a different form of worship that you can use during times of negative emotions?  Think outside of the box.  Remember that worship is anything that shows adoration, attention or affection.

Worship can be as simple as:

  • Pausing for a few seconds before your morning commute to speak truths about who God is, like “You are a loving Father. You are my protector.”
  • Raising a hand up to him in the midst of tears.
  • Telling him that you devote the next 5-minute walk to class to him.
  • Remembering him as Creator when you see the sunrise or when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror.

Worship doesn’t have to be peppy and JoyFM-ish.  It doesn’t have to be peaceful or eloquent. You can meet Jesus no matter what emotion you’re feeling, no matter where you are on your spiritual walk, and no matter what the circumstance.

Mike leading a small group at my house. You can see our friend Josh, the one who sang out in worship on his deathbed, in the top center.


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