READ THIS before you watch “To The Bone”

There's quite a controversy surrounding the new Netflix orginal movie "To the Bone," which comes out this Friday.  People seem to be for it or against it. FOR:  The pros are that the movie raises awareness about eating disorders, a disease that gets little funding for research and little support from insurance companies (...IMHO as... Continue Reading →

How to Deal with Ignorant ED Comments

Unfortunately, there are lots of misconceptions about eating disorders.  You may have a lengthy list of hurtful things people have said to you in reference to your eating or your body or your eating disorder.  I've heard plenty of stories from previous clients and it can be infuriating!  

The SOS Prayer

Now that I spend my days with a little diva 2-year old and her newborn brother, I find myself asking for patience ALL. THE. TIME. I will stop and just ask for it out loud… while the toddler dilly dallies down the stairs at sloth speed, the baby is wailing, and my anxiety is creeping upward... Continue Reading →

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